Today the gene editing technology CRISPR/cas9 allows fast and precise applications to alter genes of all living entities. The emotionally triggering speculative design scenario, realized as a short film and as a fictional device, thematizes the phantasmatic drive towards happiness as the ultimate goal of human existence in the era of synthetic biology: Three individuals of a broken family are seeking help from mysterious novel technology in their quest to find happiness. The dark poetic story draws a picture of possible near future where human soul has become a matter of genetic engineering. Conceptually the work sets its focus on the Greek philosophy of Eudaimonia, as one of the most fundamental concepts of “good life” as self- development technique.

Happiness then, is found to be something perfect and self sufficient, being the end to which our actions are directed.” (Aristotle)


handblown glass / 3D printed brass / 3D printed polyamide with flocking / gold plated needle

Collaboration partners:

Pauli Hyvönen / 3D Rendering

Wiebke Matthes - Technical University Berlin Chemistry department / glassblowing

Jacob Palumbo / Science mentoring