What if we could edit genes affecting to our psyche?

Eudaimonia is a philosophical-speculative future scenario where human psyche and character has become a matter of molecular biology and can be altered with personalized genome editing device. Today scientists claim to have found that specific genes fundamentally determinate human behaviour. Explicit features of character and psychological qualities, such as empathy and creativity, are traced even to a single allele of a gene. These claims open up the question of whether the “optimization” of the human psyche would become an issue of genome editing and biotechnology. The work raises questions about possible impacts of the novel genome editing technology CRISPR through a critical near future scenario.

The work is realised as a fictional genome editing device, a desirable consumer product and as a short film imagining the possible societal impacts of the technology: a dark poetic story of three individuals seeking help from mysterious gene editing technology in their quest to find happiness in contemporary western capitalistic world. The near future scenario thematizes the phantasmatic drive towards happinessas the ultimate goal of human existence.

Happiness then, is found to be something perfect and self sufficient, being the end to which our actions are directed.” (Aristotle)

Genome editing device imagined as a desirable consumer product. The imaginary product consists of packaging, the case and the genome editing device made of hand blown glass.


handblown glass / 3D printed brass / 3D printed polyamide with flocking / gold plated needle

Collaboration partners:

Pauli Hyvönen / 3D Rendering

Wiebke Matthes - Technical University Berlin Chemistry department / glassblowing

Jacob Palumbo / Science mentoring